Typos - oops!

OK, after editing numerous drafts and then running a few proofs, we still missed things. Here's what we have so far:

pg2 - ignore the cvv after Marty Molitoris

pg 16 - The 5th bullet, and on pg 29 says “guides services” (plural), it should say “guide services”

pg 20 - Okay, somehow we forgot the Star Rating Chart.... :(

Here it is:

* better than your average climb

** much better than your average climb

*** don't leave without doing this

pg 57- first line “wal!”should be "wall"

pg 68 - first paragraph, last sentence “or to walking off”, should be “or by walking off”. Same sentence, "anchor on top of Pop Quiz's bolt hangers" should be "bolt anchor on top of Pop Quiz"

pg70 - The route called "Final Exam" is actually called "Class Clown". "Final Exam",was just an undone project as a placeholder in the notes. Also, it should be upgraded to 5.12a because it has a sandbaggy feel to it at the 5.11 grade.

pg 83 Mantle Peace/Don’t Tease Me should have an asterisk

pg 100 Routes 22-27 are on pg 45 not 44

pg 101 Routes 49-54 are on pg 53 not 52

pg 107 There is no route “Difference of Opinion” (it was an earlier name for Undertoe), thus no route 231

Routes 9 and 226 have the same name. We are suggesting “Shuteye” for the route numbered 226. Also, this route doesn’t deserve an asterisk.

New Routes

208A The Consolation Prize 5.10d G

Just past The Rook at the Playground.

Starts 15 feet before reaching the large block on the ground marking the edge of the Clamshell Wall. Big moves on good holds lead up the steep face to the rightmost of the two obvious left facing hanging dihedrals. Solid but strenuous to place gear protects the awkward crux that allows you to gain the large horizontal at the ceiling and a quick respite before tackling the steep exit on huge jugs. Once on the ledge its very moderate climbing but with minimal reliable gear past some easy to avoid loose rock up to a ledge with solid trees that is left of and slightly lower than the top of the Clamshell Wall. Set of wires and cams .4-2” an optional #3 & #4 make it cozy.

- the upper section after turning the roof/corner has some easily avoided choss on very easy climbing without a lot of gear.

FA: Christopher Beauchamp 10/2/16